Post-Merger Integration [PMI]

We have significant experience in integrating operations (Production and Supply Chain) during company mergers. In such projects we help develop and implement the new organisational structure of the merged company as well as conduct
a review and re-organisation of processes in the areas of Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Manufacturing and Quality & Development, leading to identification of common and consistent system of reporting and performance indicators (KPIs). We develop optimum solutions based on experiences of merging companies and Best Practices applied by World Class companies.

In a merger project the role of a consultant is two-fold:

  • “Hard and Professional” – advisory at developing common solutions based on knowledge and experience, and
  • “Soft and Mediative” – observation of merging companies’ cultures, foreseeing and neutralisation of trouble spots.
While undertaking such assignments we need to mention that during circa 3-month- long initial period it is possible to execute 80 percent of merger-related activities, whereas the remaining 20% requires additional 6-12 months.

We have carried out integration of operations in the aforementioned scope during mergers of: HOOP and Kofola, Vistula and Wólczanka, Agros-Fortuna and Sonda.