Business Social Responsibility

Business Social Responsibility is a voluntary strategy which takes into account so- cial, ethical, and ecological aspects in business activity as well as in interactions with all participants in the market process: clients, business partners, workers, and the local community.

This is a way of running a business such that the main priority is to combine effec- tiveness and profitability with social interest.

As a company we try to expand our positive contribution in our environment by implementing a policy of public commitment. Throughout all of our activities we want to increase the level of the organizational culture of the company, strengthen loyalty, and build in a responsible way our image and relationships, while also being competitive in the business arena. Therefore, the idea of Business Social Responsibility is incorporated as an integral part of the strategy of our company.

We cooperate with NGO’s - such as, for example, Villa Decius Association – to cre- ate a political and social atmosphere which is conducive to development of Busi- ness Social Responsibility.

Some of the projects sponsored by our company:

  • Polish-Ukrainian Economic Meeting (2007)
This international economic meeting was addressed to the business circles of Po- land and Ukraine, including management executives, business associations, and MBA students. The aim of the meeting was to create a platform for the exchange     of opinions on investment projects and on Polish-Ukrainian shared enterprises. [more…]
  • Journalism conferences: “Missions of the Fourth Power” (2007, 2008)
During this session, a wide variety of media issues were covered by experts, who discussed with young journalists such topics as inadequate media interest in inter- national affairs, the problem of conflicts between public and private media, the question of professionalism of the journalistic profession, and the issue of relation- ships between journalists and politicians. [more…]
  • Fifth Edition of the Sergio Vieira de Mello Prize (2008)
Under the initiative of the Villa Decius Association, the Sergio Vieira de Mello Prize was established in the year 2003 with the aim of promoting democracy and tolera- nce, and of paying tribute to Sergio Vieira de Mello, UN High Commissioner for Hu- man Rights. The Prize is awarded for special merit in attaining peaceful coexisten- ce and cooperation of communities, religions, and cultures. This action is part of the regional campaign "1001 Actions for Dialogue" launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, for the enhancement of peaceful coexistence and intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area. This year the Prize was awarded to Krystyna Pryjomko-Serafin and to the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. [more…]
  • “Nature”: an exhibition of prints by Krzysztof Skórczewski (2008)
The exhibition entitled “Nature” gathers copperplate prints with the artist’s images of gardens: both real ones, filled with greenery and entangled boughs, and those that remain in the realm of memories and philosophical reflection. To emphasize the floral subjects and existential references, to which the artist devoted special attention in his work, the exhibition is arranged in the historic interiors of the Villa Decius located in a picturesque park in the district of Wola Justowska. [more…]
  • Visegrad Summer School (2008)
The aim of the Visegrad Summer School is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to create an alternative learning environment for young people from Central and Eastern Europe. The program is an opportunity for the participants to become acquainted with and to discuss current social, security, economic, political, and cultural issues. It is also an opportunity for participants to learn about each other and to initiate international co-operation between the people and their coun- tries. These participants include students, graduates, PhD researchers, young jour- nalists, and teachers from the Central and Eastern European countries. During the program they are able to deepen their knowledge; exchange ideas about the constantly changing political, social, and economic situation on the continent; form international friendships; and meet outstanding European experts. [more …]
  • Subsidy of summer camps for the scouts from „Tęczowy Szczep” in Crakow (2005, 2006) and training cooperation (2008)
Public commitment to youth is the foundation of civil society of the future. Through the activities of groups such as scouts and through their cultivation of a moral atti- tude, important skills and values are transmitted to new generations. Supporting the initiatives of those young people is a way to multiply social capital. [more...]
  • Help for “Quintuplets from Brzesko” by financial support of The Foundation for Health Promotion (2007)
The Foundation for Health Promotion organizes and funds support for quintuplets from Brzesko, namedEmilka, Kamilka, Karolka, Maja, and Wiktoria Górka. The children require special care and rehabilitation. The costs of living and healthcare exceed the financial ability of their parents (Katarzyna and Grzegorz Górka). To date, from donations transferred to that special account and from the finances of the Foundation, we have been able to support the quintuplets from Brzesko with an amount of more than 100.000 zł (including 5 000 zł donated by SPL). [more...]
  • Patronage of a school in Ukraine (inspired by the UPS project)
The aim of patronage is to provide computers for a school in Torganovice, Ukraine; to cover the costs of connection to the internet; and to provide funds for the tea- ching of computer science and for the purchase of different types kind of technical equipment needed by the school. We also want to organize an exchange among the pupils of the school in Torganovice and those at a school in Cracow and to make it possible for the Ukrainian youth to take part in scout camp. We believe that, beca- use of this modernization of the school, the pupils will have access to extensive in- formation on the entire world.