Smart Practical Logic

Comprehensive Operations Management Consultancy

SPL was set up in 2000. Its founders gained their professional experience at McKinsey & Company and at senior management posts in large production compa- nies. Current partners and associates are skilled consultants, but all have extensive experience as line managers (including our interim management projects). Such
a combination of experience allows us to always keep implementation reality in mind when developing recommendations. If needed, we can oversee project imple- mentation processes on the daily basis and even act as interim managers. Based on our experience and well documented know-how we do not need a large consul- ting team, which leads to high involvement of Client personnel and facilitates know- ledge transfer.

Between 2004 and 2012 we worked in partnership with Competitive Capabilities International (CCI), an international management consultancy, specialising in implementing manufacturing excellence projects. Together we carried out World Class Manufacturing (WCM) implementation projects in multiple industries across the globe.

What in our view differentiates us from the competition is that our work very quickly brings measurable and tangible results, visible in Client company’s bottom line. This is achieved e.g. via reduction of the working capital, improved availability or more efficient resource utilisation (warehousing space, people work), and in case of manufacturing sites also increasing machine efficiency and lowering loss and waste levels.


Our vision:

  • Be the best consultancy in Europe, specialising in operational problems.
  • Ensure our Clients obtain sustainable benefits exceeding expectations and transfer our knowledge, experience and values to Client’s employees.
  • Change the way Client’s employees think of and perceive problems.
  • Ensure interesting and developing work, attractive remuneration, decent standard of living and good interpersonal relations for our associates.
We are members of international Supply Chain expert bodies:
APICS The Association for Operations Management
International Institute of Forecasters (IIF)